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Sundre Community Garden - Archived News

YEAR: 2015

APRIL 22, 2015
Thank you for visiting our new webpage! Please bear with us while continue to build it.
MAY 4, 2015
Tentative Project Schedule
Apr 27 – May 1: Open House, Quote Materials
May 4 – 8: Alberta OneCall Notification, Quote Materials, Procure Garden Shed, Procure Water Storage, Procure Box Labels
May 11 – 15: Stake site, Begin preparing boxes (cutting lumber, landscape fabric)
May 18 – 22: Box assembly, Soil delivery and box loading
May 25 – 29: Label boxes, Flex time
June 1 – 5, 8 – 12: GARDENERS IN, Fence post hole digging, Fence construction, Posting Signage

WEEK: MAY 11-15, 2015
  • All of our Alberta One Call notifications have come back cleared!
  • Lumber and the garden shed have been ordered (last week). Expected delivery is this week or first part of the following week.
  • The old unruly lilac has been pruned back and all debris hauled away (thanks to Linda Martin, Earl Brockerville, and Melany Moore for their help). It will be a flowering beauty again next year!
  • Labour has been hired for next week to help me cut and begin building boxes. Preliminary staking/marking will be completed this week.
  • 11 of 28 plots have been booked! Fill out the application form soon if you're interested in a plot this year! Click here.
WEEK: MAY 18-22, 2015
  • Lumber has been delivered this week. Al, Russ, and I got a good start on boxes on Friday afternoon (8 complete). We will be back at site tomorrow morning at 8AM to complete the rest of the boxes. If you’re interested in stopping by to say HI, please do!
  • Boxes will be lined and soil loading will be completed this week.
  • The water tank, picnic tables, shed, and box ID signs will be arriving on site soon.
  • 16 of 28 boxes have been reserved! Fill out the application form soon if you’re interested in a plot this year! (Click Here)
WORK BEE: Saturday, 6 June 2015, 10AM – 12PM at the Community Garden site: we could use a few extra hands to help level/work the soil in the boxes. If you’re able to come and lend a hand for a few hours, that would be great! Please bring your own shovel and/or rake … the weather is supposed to be beautiful and the Hospital Grounds are lovely in the mornings ;)

WEEK: MAY 23-30, 2015
  • Al Hartt, Russ Blain, Richard Blain, and I finished all of the boxes on Monday (May 25)! They look great! We've had a lot of comments on them: people asking how we built them or asking to purchase them! So I will be posting some instructions under "About > Box Construction"
  • On Wednesday (May 27), I squared up, aligned, measured, and marked all the boxes.
  • Over the weekend, I cut all of the landscape fabric for the boxes and began stapling it in.
  • On Monday (June 1), soil loading started and was completed! Thanks to:
    • Nick Vanderzwan: for helping me finish stapling landscape fabric, box moving, and bobcat operation!
    • Karl and Anke Klapp for the use of their bobcat!
    • Dave Taddia, Jamy Lunde, and Dave Spitzer with GDK for bringing us screened black soil!
    • Al Hartt for the use of his tools!
    • The site has been raked; reseeding will be completed once the fence is complete.
  • This week: garden boxes will be levelled and final touches on the soil completed. Users can begin accessing their plots (please wait for email confirmation). The shed, water tank, picnic tables, and signage will be arriving.
  • There are only 4 boxes left! Fill out the application form soon if you’re interested in a plot this year! (Click Here)
Please remember to check out all of the photos that have been added as the project progresses. Thanks!

WEEK: MAY 31-JUNE 6, 2015
This past week the box ID signs and shed sign were picked up (Wednesday, June 3), water tank was picked up (Thursday, June 4), the picnic tables were picked up and the shed was delivered (Friday, June 5), we had a site work bee to work and level the soil in the beds, we purchased some hand tools for the shed, and some extra soil to top up some of the beds (Saturday, June 6).
  • Thanks to Andrew & Lorie O'Brien with SIDE LINE DESIGN for the box ID signs and shed sign! They look great and we'll have them up this week! We look forward to finishing up the main entrance sign in the next few weeks!
  • Thanks to UFA for bringing the 850 gallon water tank in to Olds for us and for their help loading the tank!
  • Thanks to Neil Hansen and Jim Bowbrey with Sundre Home Hardware Building Centre for delivering and unloading the shed!
  • Thanks to Niel Vanderzwan, Alex Urlacher, Carla Vanderzwan, Lynn Sturby, Nick Vanderzwan, Linda Martin, and Allan & Angie Vanderzwan for their help at the Community Garden work bee on Saturday (6 June)! We got all the beds levelled and soil worked.
  • Thanks to Nick Vanderzwan for helping me pick up container soil and tools for the site on Saturday afternoon!
Special Thanks to SUNDRE HOME HARDWARE BUILDING CENTRE! They have most generously donated the shed for our site and we are extremely grateful! It is a VERY well built shed and fits in well with the neighbourhood! The Sundre community has the most giving businesses and individuals -- please do remember this and shop local! Thank you again to Les, Chris, and Josh - as well as all of the staff at SUNDRE HOME HARDWARE BUILDING CENTRE!!

Up this week!: stand for the water tank, water delivery, and gardeners can come in! Lots of photos have been added to the website! Please check them out!

WEEK: JUNE 7 - 13, 2015
This past week was a busy week with some personal commitments but still productive at the garden site! Plot holders that have submitted their application forms have started planting!!!
  • Container soil was purchased and added to beds to top off the garden boxes and make planting a little nicer!
  • We saw the arrival of 3 River Valley School classrooms to plant their beds on Friday morning! Thanks to Mr. Bourgonje, Mrs. Henderson, and Mrs. Doughty's classes! We finished up JUST before the monsoon!
  • The box ID signs have been posted and the last picnic table delivered. No more lost gardeners looking for their beds now! (sorry)
  • Work has been started on rebuilding our draft electronic images to reflect actual conditions.
  • The fence has been booked and installation will be starting soon! Hasta la vista, deer!!
  • Thanks to Nick Vanderzwan for welding the water tank stand! It is nearly complete (just requires cross braces). Also thanks to Nick for the use of his trailer, and Doreen Orr and Bill Knapp for the use of their truck for hauling the stand!
We have been fortunate with the rainy week and not quite having the water tank ready! The stand will be completed this week, the new sign mounted for the shed (Thanks SUNDRE HOME HARDWARE BUILDING CENTRE!), and old unruly stumps dealt with.
PLOT HOLDERS: If you haven't submitted your application form (and/or cheque), please do so by June 17 otherwise your bed(s) will be released to others. Please email me with questions or concerns!

Special thanks to McDougal Chapel, and Niel and Ann Vanderzwan who have donated beds for families in need! Beds unused by families this season will be managed by the Sundre Community Garden Committee for food to be distributed in the Fall to Sundre and area families.
*There are 2 beds available again! (some beds were given up by gardeners this past week)
Please make sure to check out all of the photos we've added!

WEEK: JUNE 14 - 21, 2015
We had another productive week at the garden site. Many of the beds have now been planted! There are 2 raised garden beds still available -- perhaps your family, business, or organization would be interested in a bed? Raised beds require minimal maintenance and gardening offers access to fresh, affordable produce. Plots are $25 for the year.
  • Final site plans for the fence were completed on Friday and the fence will be starting soon!
  • Thanks to Carla Vanderzwan and Alex Urlacher for their help planting the 4 donated beds!
  • Special thanks to SUNDRE GREENHOUSE GARDEN CENTRE (Rae & Bob Buchan, Lori Buchan, Cheri Buchan-Funke, & Stacy Hobson) for the donation of an entire bed of pansies!!! We've planted them at the centre of the plot and they look amazing!
  • Thanks to Linda Martin, Doreen Orr, and Nick Vanderzwan for their help planting all 288 pansies!
  • The water tank stand is complete!! Thanks to Nick Vanderzwan for the many hours of welding the stand and use of trailer for hauling - and to Bill Knapp for the use of his welder, shop, and truck for hauling. Thanks to Nick, Bill, and Josh Urlacher for unloading the stand at the site!
25 August 2015
We've had an incredible summer -- lots of great things growing in our garden! We hope that you've been able to stop by and take a wander through the site! The fence was completed at the end of July (Thanks Triple R Fencing!) and all that's left to complete at the site is to finish a few odds and ends and mount our new sign (Thanks Side Line Design and Kit Walton!). And Fall harvest of course!

We live in an incredible community and are very grateful for all of the help we've received throughout the project. Enormous thanks must be first paid to Alberta Health Services for providing such a beautiful location and their commitment to the project and more importantly, the community.
THANK YOU to the following SPONSORS:
Sundre Home Hardware Building Centre
Al Hartt, Richard Blain, & Russ Blain
Andrew & Lorie O'Brien (Side Line Design)
Sundre Garden and Greenhouse Centre
Millard Trucking
Nick Vanderzwan
Ken & Tracy McGinnis
Faye Hallett

THANK YOU for donating food bank bed fees:
McDougal Chapel
Niel & Ann Vanderzwan
Anton & Margaret Walker
Shelley Kohut

And last but not least, to everyone who has volunteered for the project:
  • COMMITTEE: Adrienne Beck, Jacci Hager, Bev Hallett, Linda Martin, Terry Nelson, Marita Stermann, Nick Vanderzwan, and Margaret Walker
  • VOLUNTEERS: Earl Brockerville, Kaylin Davidson, Melany Moore, Karl & Anke Klapp, Bill Knapp, Doreen Orr, Lynn Sturby, Alex & Josh Urlacher, Allan Vanderzwan, Carla Vanderzwan, Niel Vanderzwan
26 September 2015
Our site 'Grand Opening' BBQ and get-together is postponed due to weather! Sorry! Please join us next Saturday, 3 October 2015 from 11AM-2PM. Thanks for your understanding and hope to see you next weekend!

01 October 2015
Bad weather forecasted again for Friday evening and Saturday! The beds have just dried out from last weekend's rain so will move the get-together up to tomorrow, Friday 2 October 2015 from 2PM-5PM.
Thank you again for your patience! Hope to see you there.
CHECK OUT OUR NEW SIGN! >>>>>>>>>>>>
Thanks to Nick Vanderzwan for installing it!
03 October 2015
We harvested 13 boxes of food from the donated beds at the Sundre Community Garden on Friday afternoon! Just in time for the rain and snow. Thanks to our volunteers (pictured, L-R): Margaret & Anton Walker, Doreen Orr, Terry Nelson, and Carla Vanderzwan.
**If you know of a senior or family in need of food, please contact me (Cindy Orr) asap to arrange pick up in Sundre (mobile 403 638 8475, email Thanks!**

30 November 2015
Thank you to everyone who contributed to the project success this year! We had an incredible year and our 13 boxes of food from the donated beds went to 6 families and seniors at the Foothills Lodge. Thank you again!
December 31: Last day for returning gardeners to register.
January 1 – April 30: Plot registration open for new gardeners.