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SUNDRE SNAKE HILL SLAM - Event Cancelation
ANNOUNCEMENT – July 28, 2016 (Immediate Release)

As we are approaching the end of July, we regretfully have to announce the cancelation of this year's "Sundre Snake Hill Slam" event to be held on August 27, 2016.

We know many of you appreciate our efforts and event planning and were hoping to bring your friends and family to this all-ages obstacle run for youth, individuals, families, teams, and businesses. We had some great surprises and improvements planned this year - and were full of anticipation.

We did not predict the registration this year would fail to reach our minimum enrollment. However, we had tremendous interest and support with over 50 000+ hits through our advertising campaign.

This is a very disappointing and tough decision for everyone involved. We strongly believe that uncertain circumstances with the economic environment is the cause and that we do not have the power to change the outcome.

The next few days will be spent reimbursing participants, taking down posters, and notifying and canceling vendors and sponsors.

Greenwood Neighbourhood Place Society is in a serious predicament with respect to future funding and had hoped to raise funds for the operation of our Community Resource Centre. You have come to know us as a creative and energetic organization, and you can trust that we will share new ideas and concepts for next year's planning soon. Until then, we will continue to serve our community's needs through all our services, programs, and future events.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and are very grateful for those who were able to support this year's event.

Greenwood Neighbourhood Place
Board of Directors
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April 28

A Letter from the Board of Directors
How the Alberta Budget affects Greenwood Neighbourhood Place in Sundre
April 28, 2016
Hard times trigger hard decisions! Greenwood Neighbourhood Place is a non-profit community resource Centre (GNP) and is one of the victims of  Alberta's economic crisis. But we are determined to survive!  Due to cuts in funding, GNP is adjusting its work force and as a result, there was a need to change some of our programs and events organized under the umbrella of GNP.
We support families with young children, organize skill development, fun activities and advocate for our seniors and adults. We bring together our community by providing different programs for all age groups. We are connectors to community events, resources, services and learning opportunities. We talk about tough topics such as suicide, addiction and advocate and inform people about healthy life choices. We provide the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program, successfully initiated the startup of the Sundre Community Garden, organized the first ever "Walk in Memory, Walk for Hope" event and last but not least, we publish the monthly newsletter "Sundre on the GO" where all non-for-profit organizations in our area can promote their events for free.

What do the GNP budget cuts mean for Sundre and area residents?
We are continuing to try to keep all of these programs and initiatives functioning. Fortunately, GNP received its charitable status in 2012 and we are able to accept donations and give tax receipts.  So, please do not hesitate to donate to our charity to help keep our doors open!
GNP has a very dedicated Board of Directors. They volunteer their time and work hard to keep GNP alive and offer as many programs as possible under the new restrained budget. There had to be some changes made in order to cover administrative and operating costs which are rarely covered through grants and donations. Therefore there will be a change in 2016 to the following programs and initiatives organized by GNP:

  • Sundre Santa's Anonymous – is now called Sundre Santas. This program will be solely organized and run by GNP staff which means no project coordinator is hired. We try to keep the administrative costs for this program as low as possible and will assure that the program remains true to its original concept which is to deliver annual Christmas hampers to those who need a little extra help throughout the holidays. We are listening to our volunteer's and to the public. Therefore we made some changes to the program, including more opportunities to be involved with "Secret Santa" gift giving and a close cooperation with local groups with a similar mandate. Of course, we need many dedicated volunteers to make this program successful!
  • Sundre Snake Hill Slam 2016 –this year GNP did not receive any funding for this event and may not be able to secure funding in the future; we had to make some changes here as well. This event will be solely organized by GNP – again with a group of our valued, dedicated volunteers. The date for this year's Slam is set for August 27, 2016. Unfortunately in order to cover our costs there was a need to increase the registration fee. Registration for this fun family event is open now and you can go online at:

We are committed to work hard for our community and with your help, we can achieve our goals for years to come.

Please continue to support your Greenwood Neighbourhood Place!

Greenwood Neighbourhood Place Society
– The Board of Directors


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We are thinking of the families affected by wildfires in Fort McMurray and the herculean effort being made by emergency responders – you are in all of our thoughts and hearts. Please consider supporting residents in need by donating to the Alberta Red Cross’ “Alberta Fires Emergency Appeal”…; financial aid is the best way to support the community’s current needs.