Project Description

Sundre’s Youth Centre (Name TBA!)
Plans are Underway!

This space for youth will provide opportunities for programs and “place” to connect for younger and older teens.

As identified in the 2021 Sundre and Area Social Needs Assessment, ‘in response to…’ and Youth Focus Groups, more resources are needed for youth, such as mentorship, and safe spaces.

Location is secured! Next steps include renovations, program planning and deployment of passionate volunteers for an array of tasks.


  • Renovations – Trades / Donors / Volunteers (Do you like demolition/rebuilding??)
  • Key Adult Volunteers (Kay, not everyone can have this job but we’re looking for some to take a larger role)
  • Adult Supervision Volunteers (yeah just supervise, be friendly, have a chat. That’s it. Really. That’s all.)
  • Social Media – Instagram / Contests / Promotion (A requirement of the 21st century)
  • Social Media App development (yep, We are dreamin’ big)
  • Photography or Videography (help tell the ongoing story in establishing and chronicling the SYC in 2021!)
  • Shoppers (For “what” you ask? equipment/furniture/supplies …ok just shop for GOOD STUFF at GOOD DEALS!)
  • OH & S – Policies (sound exciting to some? …zzzzZZZ)
  • Research other youth centres (We don’t need to reinvent everything, besides, who doesn’t love a road trip?)
  • Fundraising or grants (If you love finding mulla!)
  • Facilitators/Instructors for skills workshops/events (Share your skills. e.g. fixing motors/paint night?)
  • Interior design team (visionaries)
  • Cafe positions (why not serve coffee/snacks?)
  • Promotions (cuz it’s up your alley)
  • Peer to Peer mentoring (be a leader among your peers or with a younger age group)
  • Youth Advisory Committee (help plan and make important decisions about YOUR centre)
  • Someone’ll think of more ways to help …don’t you worry.

Youth Enrichment Project (Y.E.P.)
is a new initiative in Sundre!

Thanks to supporters like Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), Pieridae Energy and Sundre McDonalds.