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Onsite Services

We provide faxing and photocopying services to the public at a nominal fee. Complimentary computer access is available for various purposes such as job searches, online courses, and research. Our bulletin board features postings for volunteer and employment opportunities. Additionally, newcomers to the area can visit our office to receive a Newcomer Welcome Bag.

Onsite Services

Greenwood Neighbourhood Place in Sundre is committed to providing a range of valuable services to the community, extending beyond its primary focus. These are the services we are currently offering onsite:

  • Faxing - nominal fee

  • Photocopying - nominal fee

  • Free access to computers - job searches, online courses, research and more

  • Job Board

  • Volunteer Opportunity Board

  • Boardroom/office space - free to non-profits, nominal fee to for-profits

For newcomers to the area, we extend a warm welcome through our Newcomer Welcome Bag initiative. If you are new to Sundre, stop by our office to receive a welcome bag, offering essential information, resources, and a friendly introduction to the community. This thoughtful gesture aims to ease the transition for individuals settling into a new environment. 

Visit our office to explore these offerings and discover the diverse array of resources available to you.

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