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About Us

Serving Sundre and the surrounding rural communities.
Sundre Alberta with mountains in the background.
Our Vision

Together, we will build a connected, resilient and thriving community... a place to belong.

Our Mission

To provide support, resources and programs that will enhance the quality of life in our community.

Our History

More than 20 years ago, a committed group of Sundre and area residents came together to address the evolving needs of our community. Fueled by a shared dedication to fostering healthier families, resilient children, and honoring seniors, they seized the opportunity as the provincial government bolstered support for community initiatives. In 2000, Greenwood Neighbourhood Place emerged as their tangible expression of this vision, serving as a hub for information, referrals, and local programs. Since then, our scope has expanded, responding to the growing demands of Sundre and its rural surroundings. 

From modest beginnings, Greenwood Neighbourhood Place has grown into a trusted and comprehensive resource center, offering a spectrum of services—from information dissemination to volunteer connections and community initiatives—all aimed at nurturing bonds and enriching lives. Our journey reflects the resilience and collective spirit of Sundre, demonstrating that when individuals unite with purpose, they can build a stronger, more vibrant community together.

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How We Are Funded

We greatly appreciate our partners, donors, and funders.

As a registered charitable organization, we are funded by a combination of government contracts and grants, foundation funds and individual and corporate donors who believe in the importance of what we do for the residents of Sundre and the surrounding rural areas.

2023 Annual Report
Our Services and Programs Make an Impact

At Greenwood Neighbourhood Place, our committed team works to provide information and referrals, advocacy and support, and direct programming to our community. Each member brings unique skills and passions to the table, all with the shared goal of creating positive change. 

If you are interested in our financial statements, they are available upon request.

2023 Impact Report.png

Our Team

Governed by a our core values of integrity; compassion and respect; communication and connection; and collaboration and leadership, our dedicated team is here to serve you.

Greenwood Neighbourhood Place Staff

Left to Right:

Lorey Marsden

Senior Specialist, Bookkeeper - Advisor

Heather Hicks

The Den S.Y.C. Program Coordinator

Jacqueline Smith

Referrals and Information

Renate de Bruijn

Program Coordinator

Donny Krahn

Executive Director

Bree Odd

Program Coordinator

Bonny Thiessen (missing)


Our Board of Directors

We are pleased to work with a volunteer board of directors that works very hard to provide support, guidance, and expertise. For more information or to inquire to become a part of our board of directors, please contact us.

Ian McMurray - Chairperson

Dolores Dercach - Vice Chairperson

Kathy Taylor - Secretary

Leah Evanochko - Treasurer

Dani Goddard

Kim Free

Laura Kutz

Monica St. Dennis

Rob Wolfe

Angela Aalbers - Mountain View County Rep

Owen Petersen - Town of Sundre Rep

Sundre & Area Community Study

As a connected and responsive organization, we check in regularly with our community.

A community study commenced in 2020 to gather feedback from the residents of Sundre and its surrounding areas, including youth, adults, seniors, as well as service providers, organizations, and agencies. The aim of research was to identify the strengths of Sundre and areas requiring improvement. By 2022, a comprehensive final report had been compiled, covering a range of topics and offering valuable insights into the community's needs.

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