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Community Garden

The Sundre Community Garden is located on the Sundre Hospital grounds. Comprised of 28 plots of equal size are available to local residents wanting a place to garden .

Community Garden

The Community Garden is a shared park-like space where plot holders can relax and enjoy the scenery, learn from other gardeners, and spend time with local seniors. The Sundre Community Garden committee is a volunteer committee operating under the umbrella of Greenwood Neighbourhood Place and they oversee the operation of the garden and day-to-day activities. 

Detailed information regrding participation can be found in our Responsiblities and Guidelines.

Contact us regarding plot availablity.


In April 2014, Greenwood Neighbourhood Place received funding for the Sundre Community Garden project from the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program ($25000) and Alberta Health Services’ Thrive for Wellness Program ($3000). A committee comprised of Sundre residents, Town of Sundre representatives, Alberta Health Services officials, a nutritionist, a Sundre Garden Club representative, and a project coordinator from Greenwood Neighbourhood Place oversaw the project development. 

“The most important word in community garden is not garden.”
~Jack Hale

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